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Secrets in the Snow returns young PCs to their home land after five years; having grown of age and just begun their adventuring lives when the word reaches them: The curse on their home land of Menigi is broken!

Menigi was once a great tropical land, filled to the brim with life, covered in rain-forests, mangroves, and complex river systems. Five years ago a great curse fell across the land,leaving it frozen in a deep snow. Travel to and from become impossible almost overnight, and for five years no word came from the land; nobody knew what had happened.

Now, the curse is broken, and the people struggle to rebuild even as nature tries to re-balance itself, the world changing constantly as the unnatural snows melt away. Those born in Menigi, who have been away these five years, can feel their land calling them home, and they know: through the guidance of magic, or the Divine, or by intuition, that their homeland needs their help to set things right.

What strange things happened while the land was covered in snow? How did the people survive, and what strange creatures have emerged, born from magic and the divine? Menigi is still defrosting, and it will take brave adventurers to help put the world back in order.

Home Page

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